Course for personnel PEI, PES, PAV

The course is aimed to the personnel that performing the work of installation and maintenance of electrical plants off tension and up to 1000 V ac and cc, authorized and approved by the employer in accordance with art. 82, paragraph 1, letter c, paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree. N. 81 of 09/04/2008.


The course provides to the operator the theoretical knowledge propedeutic for the appointment by the employer, pursuant to the new CEI 11-27: 2014 and IEC 50110-1: 2014 (CEI 11-48), of:

  • Expert Person(PES)
  • Warned Person (PAV)
  • Qualified person to electrical works (PEI)

Description of professional job

QUALIFIED PERSON (PEI): “Person with the technical capacities to perform electrical works under tension. The eligibility must be certified and issued in return for a training processes exceeded successfully, that include theoretical and practical exercises."

EXPERT PERSON (PES): "Person with education, knowledge and experience relevant, able to analyze the risks and to avoid the dangers that electricity can create". This person have an appropriate training, gained experience and general knowledge of electrical safety. This must also be able to organize independently and safely any type of electrical work and to detect and prevent electrical hazards associated, applying the appropriate measures to eliminate or reduce them. PES has also the ability to deal with unexpected events that can occur during electrical works and the ability to properly inform and educate a PAV to perform a work safely.

WARNED PERSON (PAV): "Person adequately warned by PES to avoid the hazards that electricity can create." This person have a proper training, acquired knowledge on safety of electricity works and ability to understand instructions from a PES; it must have the ability to organize and execute safe work after receiving instructions from a PES. Also it must have the ability to face difficulties unexpected, although it might not be able to face them properly in autonomy.

Frequency of updates

In the absence of specific guidance in IEC 11-27, we recall that Article. 37 of Legislative Decree no. 81/08 provides that the training is repeated in relation to the evolution of risks or to the new risks.
It's a good practice to provide an enterprise-wide upgrade training for electrical workers, with scheduled frequency (suggested every five years, in analogy with the periodicity indicated on the most recent agreements State-Regions on training of health and safety), and in the following circumstances:
- Changes in legislation and / or regulations on the electrical safety;
- Transfer or change of the worker tasks;
- Introduction of new technology related on the electrical works.

Legal obligations

Art. 82, para. 1, letter. c) point 2 - Legislative Decree no. 81/08.

Sanctions against the employer and the manager

Art. 87 - paragraph 2, letter e)  - Legislative Decree no. 81/08.
Arrest from three to six months or a sanction from 2.500 to 6.400 Euros.