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Certification of Auxiliary Energy Consumption

Exemption from grid charges related to the energy used for these services. -50% on invoice

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Monitoring for Energy Audits (art. 8 del d.lgs. 102/2014)

Advisory for monitoring systems of company energy supply, mandatory from January 2018

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ESA Drone

Thermographic and Photographic Aerial Anlysis with Drone approved by ENAC

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GSE inspections on PV Plants (art. 30 DM 23/06/2016)

ESA check and fix your plant, according to «DM 31/01/2014 - Decreto Controlli»

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Biennal test for the Security of the electrical plant CEI 64-8

Electrical plant with nominal voltage not greater than 1000 V in AC and 1500 V in DC

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Adjustments Delibera del 22/12/2016 n. 786/2016/R/EEL

Tests with "Cassettà prova Relè" on Energy Plants in Low (CEI 0-21) and Medium (CEI 0-16) Voltage

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ESA Renewables Services 4π

Full Advisory for your Wind and Photovoltaic Energy Plant!

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PV Degradation & PID Calculator

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  • What’s The Best Way To Grow Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure? 15 October, 2019
    At first, people tend to see new technologies as updated versions of older ones. Just as early TV shows consisted of filmed radio shows or stage plays, and early websites resembled the pages of low-budget magazines, many in the mainstream media still believe that vehicle electrification will mean swapping gas pumps for charging stations
  • A Quick Look At Tesla’s Obstacle-Aware Acceleration 15 October, 2019
    What is obstacle-aware acceleration? The name implies what it does, and it's one of Tesla's many features that actually prevents minor accidents when enabled. Now You Know shows a quick comparison in the video below of how it works -- with it enabled and disabled
  • Of New Power Generation, How Much Is On The Roof? Quarterly Update – 2019 Q2 15 October, 2019
    Renewable resources dropped back below 50% of new power generation in the second quarter of 2019. Although the proportion of distributed solar has grown in the last two quarters, losses in the growth of utility solar and wind allowed the majority share to be gas, once again. Despite this setback in percentage, renewables are making […]
  • Prince Ea Has A Message To Future Generations: Sorry 14 October, 2019
    Prince EA is someone I have a lot of admiration for because his messages are positive and empowering. The message of his video below isn't conveying his sorrow for our deeds to the next generation, but is a voice that is demanding that we wake up while we still have time to do something
  • Final Turbines Installed At Taiwanese 120 Megawatt Formosa 1 Phase 2 Offshore Wind Farm 14 October, 2019
    Danish offshore wind developer Ørsted announced last week that the final wind turbine had been installed at the 120 megawatt (MW) Formosa 1 Phase 2 offshore wind farm off the coast of Taiwan --- the first commercial-scale offshore wind farm in Taiwan. 
  • Is The Tesla Model 3 The Ultimate First Responder Vehicle? 14 October, 2019
    A new video shows a Tesla Model 3 that was put into service as a first responder service vehicle in Nuremberg, Germany. The choice of an American car for use as a service vehicle in the heart of Germany automotive country is a bold statement that the vehicle is finding a significant amount of traction […]
  • Green Business, Energy Efficiency, Apocaloptimist, & Tesla — CleanTech Talk with Scott Cooney 14 October, 2019
    In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Zach Shahan sits down with Scott Cooney, primary owner of Important Media, the company holding CleanTechnica, and the founder and CEO of Pono Home, to discuss Scott’s newest pursuit: Apocaloptimist, a podcast series to inspire and engage people in hope for the future by highlighting […]
  • Uniti Announces Pricing 14 October, 2019
    The Uniti One, with a 24 kWh battery and 300 kilometer range, will be available in the UK next year beginning at £15,100 after incentives.
  • Equinor To Proceed With 88 Megawatt Hywind Tampen Offshore Wind Farm 14 October, 2019
    Norwegian energy company Equinor has confirmed Final Investment Decision on the 88 megawatt (MW) Hywind Tampen offshore wind farm development which, when completed, will supply power to oil and gas platforms in the Norwegian Sea. 
  • The Musks Embrace The Challenge Of Climate Change 14 October, 2019
    This was a very detailed article by Wade Anderson who wanted to highlight how the Musks have embraced the challenge of climate change. With the help and support of his friend, Jim Lehrman, Wade breaks down the three deadly C's that contribute to climate change: Cars, cattle, and chainshows and explains how the Musks have […]